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Are You Ready to Weather the Storms?

The forecasted El Niño is expected to bring plenty of wet weather and stormy conditions.  Over the next few months, an abundance of rain may produce flooding, mudslides and power outages throughout Southern California.

Now is the time to get yourself and your family prepared.

Visit Caltech's Emergency Preparedness Website for tips on how to prepare yourself and your family, register for city emergency alerts, and find out what resources are available in your community.


Totem Contest

Totem—Caltech's literary and visual arts magazine—is having a contest! The deadline is January 8, 2016, and the contest theme is dreams (interpret how you would like). We are accepting all literary and visual art.

There will be two winners—one for visual, one for literary. Each winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card, as well as publication in Totem and The Tech.

This contest is separate from our general call for submissions for the magazine during third term. However, feel free to submit contest entries also to the magazine—we accept magazine submissions all year.

Entries from anyone affiliated with Caltech—students, faculty, staff, postdocs, alumni—are welcome.

Please send questions and submissions to


Caltech Spirit Photo Contest

Keeping an Ion your Caltech spirit!

Submit a photo to show us your Caltech spirit—however you want to define it—and you might win a grab bag of Caltech-themed prizes. This contest will run from November 30 until end of day Monday, January 4.

The winning photo will be published in the January 11 issue of Ion Caltech.

  • Only Ion Caltech subscribers are eligible to participate.
  • Multiple submissions per person are welcome.
  • The contest will run until 5 p.m. January 4.
  • The winning name will be revealed in the January 11 newsletter.
  • The contest's winner will be determined by a judging panel.


Call for Nominations: Richard P. Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Feynman Prize is endowed through the generosity of Ione and Robert E. Paradise, with additional contributions from a local anonymous couple, to honor annually a professor who demonstrates, in the broadest sense, unusual ability, creativity, and innovation in undergraduate and graduate classroom or laboratory teaching. 

Nominations for the Feynman Teaching Prize are welcome from faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and alumni.

Guidelines for the prize, as well as past recipients, can be found on the provost's website at

Please submit detailed nomination packages to the Provost's Office by December 15, 2015.


IMSS Offer High Performance Cloud Computing Service

IMSS offers an affordable, on-demand High Performance Computing (HPC) service. This cloud-based service provides faculty and research groups the opportunity to run HPC simulations on an IMSS-supported platform without expending the resources required to build and maintain dedicated, physical HPC infrastructure.

On-demand HPC features include:

  • Access to 4000+ cores
  • Over 60 HPC applications installed (FEA, CFD, Life Sciences, Weather forecasting and more)
  • Non-virtualized "bare-metal" execution for optimal performance
  • Fast CPUs and GPUs

For more information, see


OneDrive for Business & Office Online are now available

IMSS is pleased to announce that OneDrive for Business and Office Online are now available to campus. With these services, you can use virtually any device to store individual files in the cloud, share files with others, and read and edit Office documents. OneDrive for Business can also be used as a replacement for your IMSS home directory.


Features of OneDrive for Business include:

  • Free 1TB individual space to store and organize your documents and other files in the cloud
  • Share files and folders with others and give them permission to review or edit the content
  • Sync your files with PCs (Windows 7 & 8.x) and Macs
  • Review and edit Office documents on mobile devices and tablets using Office Mobile (free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone)
  • View and edit Office documents in a browser using Office Online (web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote)
  • Use automatic document version control to view and restore previous versions of your Office documents

OneDrive for Business and Office Online are now enabled for your account. For more information, or to start using the service, please review the FAQs: and


Facilities Special Release Days Notices

The Facilities Service Center is closed December 24 and reopens January 5. During the Caltech holidays and the special release days, you may request service as follows:

  • For any building-related EMERGENCY, call Campus Security at 626-395-5000.
  • For any URGENT requests that need attention within 24 hours, call the Service Center at 626-395-4717 and press 9 to be connected to an on-call facilities operator.
  • For any ROUTINE service requests that can wait until the Service Center reopens on January 5, please submit your service request online at:
Central Utilities Plant: 
The Central Utilities Plant is continuously staffed during the holidays and the special release days to maintain all utility services and to dispatch personnel for facilities maintenance emergencies. For any facilities emergency, call the Campus Security at 626-395-5000.
Custodial Services

Buildings and Grounds is providing limited, scheduled services to student undergraduate houses, athletic facilities, and campus buildings during the holidays and special release days as follow:

  • Student Undergraduate Housing:  Custodians will remove trash and service shower rooms on December 26, 30, and January 2.
  • General Campus Buildings:  Custodians will remove trash from break rooms and conference rooms and will service rest rooms on December 29 and January 2.
  • Athletic facilities, Security, and Central Plant will be serviced on a schedule pre-arranged with the supervisor of those sections.

For any urgent needs for custodial services due to a spill or similar event, call the Service Center at 626-395-4717 and press 9 to be connected to an on-call facilities operator.

Chauffeur Services

The dispatch office is closed December 24 and reopens January 5. If you need service during this time, please make reservations prior to 3:00 p.m. on December 23 by calling 626-395-4707.

Liquid Nitrogen and Laboratory Gas Cylinders

The Central Warehouse is closed December 24 and will reopen on January 5.  Please arrange to have your holiday needs fulfilled and delivered by December 23. If you cannot stock sufficient supplies for the holidays, a mid-holiday delivery will be scheduled on Tuesday, December 30 by special appointment. For mid-holiday service, please contact the Central Warehouse to make your appointment prior to December 24 by calling 626-395-4891.

Shipping & Receiving and Transportation

Shipping and Receiving is closed December 24 and will reopen on January 5. All normal operations of shipping parcels, receiving parcels and freight, and intra-campus deliveries will be suspended during this period. If you are scheduling a special delivery, please notify your shipper of these dates. Shipping and Receiving, Transportation and Motor Pool offices will close at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 23 and reopen on Monday, January 5. Normal operations such as, receiving and deliveries will be suspended during this time.

Post Office and FedEx Services: 

The Caltech Post office and FedEx services will be staffed from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. on the special release days for postal and FedEx needs. Mail Services will not be making any regular deliveries. Departments can contact Mail Services at 626-395-6371 from the hours of 8:00 a.m. to noon to make prior arrangements for deliveries or pick-ups.

Faculty Housing Office:

The Faculty Housing office will not be staffed during the special release days. Guests arriving between December 24 and January 4 will pick up packets containing keys, exact address information, and other pertinent paperwork at the Security Office on their scheduled arrival date. Identification will be required. The Security Office is open 24 hours per day and is located in the parking garage at 370 S. Holliston Avenue. (Tenants have received advanced notice of this procedure.) Routine and non-emergency maintenance service will not be available.  Central Plant will be staffed to dispatch personnel for maintenance emergencies (e.g. loss of power, broken water pipe). For emergencies, call campus Security at 626-395-5000.

Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S):

Please contact the Caltech Security emergency number at 626-395-5000 for all emergencies. Security will contact the appropriate safety personnel to respond to the emergency.

Security and Parking Services: 

Security will be normally staffed 24/7 and can be reached at 626-395-4701 for non-emergencies and 626-395-5000 for emergencies. The Parking Office will be closed from December 24 through January 4.


Statement in Response to Litigation

Regarding the announcement by a member of the faculty concerning her intent to pursue litigation against the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the following statement has been issued:

Caltech intends to vigorously defend this lawsuit, which is meritless.  The institution is confident in its compliance with export control laws and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and regularly cooperates with government agencies, including the FBI, as appropriate.

The plaintiff, who was dissatisfied with the outcome of a recent internal campus investigation into her decision to list her cat as the author of a published abstract and omit recognition of a postdoctoral scholar who performed related research, suffered no retaliation and remains an active faculty member of the institution.

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