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Linde-Robinson East Side Walkway Closed Through September


Building/s affected:      Linde-Robinson East Side Walkway

Utility or service being interrupted: Walkway to California Blvd.

Date & Time of interruption:  Tues. 9/04/18 to Sun. 9/30/18 7 am to 4 pm each day
Potential impact: The Walkway alongside Linde-Robinson to California Blvd. will be closed. Contractors will be excavating the planter for Water proofing and installation of new fire system valve.  

Special Instructions:   Pedestrian traffic will be routed around the construction area. (Please see the attached map)

PDF iconCNST ReRoute Map 092018 Model (1).pdf

Contact:   Brad Nielsen Ext. 8751 or Ben Smith 4190                    

If there is a problem with this Interruption, please notify
the Service Center X-4717 or the above Contact as soon as possible.
If no response is received we will proceed with the interruption.


ASIC and IMSS Warn Against Sophisticated Phishing Scams

Caltech, like most universities and companies, is a frequent target of phishing attacks and fraud scams. The Institute has seen a significant rise in the number of attacks and scams in the past year.

These increasingly sophisticated scams include sending a fake email that appears to be coming from a person in authority, such as the President, Chief Financial Officer, or a manager or director.  The email typically indicates an urgent need for the recipient to log in using a link provided in the message, and may require the user to provide other information, such as Social Security Number, home address, W-2 information from a payroll or human resources system, or other financial/private information.

Two such scams were successful at Caltech within the past month. Although we hear about these situations occurring daily in the news, it really hits home when it happens to our own Campus personnel.  In one case, after gaining access to an employee's email, the attackers ultimately were able to modify that person's direct deposit banking information.   In another, an employee was fraudulently convinced to buy gift cards on behalf of the scammers.

We all need to be more vigilant when we receive emails requesting that recipients click on a link and log in or provide financial or other personally identifiable information, even if the message appears to come from third-party vendors that do business with Caltech.  Avoid using links that came via email, but where it's necessary, first mouse over the link, or press and hold on a mobile device, to see where the link will take you before clicking.

We should also be aware that reusing the same password for your work and various personal accounts can exacerbate problems when an account is hacked on one site, and then used to gain access to another. Best practices recommend always using unique, difficult to guess passwords for different accounts. A password management utility can be helpful for keeping track of multiple passwords.

IMSS offers consultation and training for Institute personnel and departments, providing awareness of scam and fraud techniques to watch out for, and offering tips for identifying suspicious emails related to phishing scams, schemes to commit identity theft, or other attempts to compromise computing equipment and personal information.

For additional information on how to identify and avoid phishing scams, see the IMSS website:

If you receive an email that you believe is suspicious in nature, DO NOT click any links in the email, and do not "unsubscribe" or acknowledge the email in any way.  Instead, please contact IMSS immediately by calling the Help Desk at x3500, by opening a Help Desk ticket online, or by emailing Information Security directly, at to obtain guidance and assistance.


Portion of San Pasqual Walk Closed to Traffic Through August 29


** This Interruption has been extended until Wed. 8/29/18**

Building/s affected:      San Pasqual Walk & Fire Lane at the Eastern end of Church

Utility or service being interrupted: Pedestrian & Vehicle Traffic

Date & Time of interruption:     Mon. 8/20/18 at 7 a.m. until Wed. 8/29/18 at 4 p.m.
Potential impact:    San Pasqual Walk at the Eastern end of Church will be closed to all traffic due to the installation of a new fire hydrant and backflow  

Special Instructions:   Construction fencing will be in place, Pedestrian traffic will be routed around the site and all vehicle traffic will have access via California Blvd. Please see the attached map. PDF iconBackFlow ReRoute Map-Model.pdf

Contact:   Brad Nielsen Ext. 8751 or Ben Smith Ext. 4190                    

If there is a problem with this Interruption, please notify
the Service Center X-4717 or the above Contact as soon as possible.
If no response is received we will proceed with the interruption.


Caltech's Metro Bike Share stations to close starting August 16th

The City of Pasadena has withdrawn from the LA Metro Bike Share program and will be removing the stations across the city starting in August. The Caltech East and West stations will be removed beginning Thursday August 16th.  Caltech's Sustainability and Commuter Services Offices plan to work with the city as Pasadena explores replacement options, including dockless bike and scooter systems.  For more information about Caltech's alternative transportation programs, please visit:


Veritas Forum 2018 - What does Human Progress mean?

On April 12, the Veritas Forum at Caltech will discuss "What does human progress mean?". Featuring Dr. Alana Ackerson, a finance leader and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, and Dr. Christopher Hitchcock, Professor of Philosophy from Caltech, we will explore this enduring question through the lens of technology, science, and philosophy. Human progress is often driven by innovations in science and technology, more pronounced than ever in our current digital era. These advances rapidly transform our society and warrant leaders in all fields, including STEM, industry, and finance, to think critically about how science and technology shape progress and development. The Forum will focus on how the next generation of leaders can think about implementing technology in a way that allows for true human progress.

The Forum will consist of short presentations, a moderated discussion between Dr. Ackerson and Professor Hitchcock, and an open Q&A session with audience members. We value your input for the discussion and invite you to submit your questions prior to the Forum via this link. Light refreshments will be served at the end of the Forum.

Learn more about our event here and stay updated by checking out our Facebook Event!


Join us for Caltech's Earth Week 2018 Events (Schedule at

Join the Caltech community for a week of informative and inspiring events in celebration of Earth Day (April 16 - April 20). Click Here for the full schedule of events!

We have a variety of activities planned during the week including speaker seminars (food included) on topics ranging from climate science to urban agriculture, opportunities to engage with local environmental organizations, movie screenings and much more!

Visit for more details.
We hope to see you there! Contact with any questions.


Spring Passport Photo Special

For the month of April
Graphic Resources will be
offering passport photo
services at a special price.

$8.50 for a set of two photos.

Graphic Resources Customer
Service is located in the
basement of the Keith Spalding
Building, Room B128.

Contact us at:
Phone: (626) 395-6701

No appointment necessary!

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