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11/29/2018 Graphic Resources December Holiday Special
10/30/2018 Graphic Resources Paper Special
09/26/2018 Rideshare Week 2018
09/24/2018 EV Charging Transitioning to Paid
08/30/2018 Linde-Robinson East Side Walkway Closed Through September
08/24/2018 ASIC and IMSS Warn Against Sophisticated Phishing Scams
08/23/2018 Portion of San Pasqual Walk Closed to Traffic Through August 29
08/14/2018 Parking Structure #4 (Holliston) to Close for Cleaning Saturday, August 18
08/08/2018 Caltech's Metro Bike Share stations to close starting August 16th
06/14/2018 Protect and Preserve Your Graduation Memories!
05/04/2018 Metro Bike Share monthly pass only $5 for Caltech students!
04/05/2018 Veritas Forum 2018 - What does Human Progress mean?
03/29/2018 Join us for Caltech's Earth Week 2018 Events (Schedule at
03/27/2018 Spring Passport Photo Special
02/14/2018 Electric Vehicle Charging – Input Requested from Caltech Community
02/12/2018 Metro 177 new peak only 30-minute frequency from Caltech to JPL
01/22/2018 Parking Lot 12 Partial Closure- 1/26/18 to 2/28/18
11/17/2017 Groundbreaking of the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Neuroscience Research Building on Dec. 5
11/11/2017 Annual Asbestos Notification
10/18/2017 Introducing AWS Batch: A Highly-efficient, Dynamically Scaled Cloud Batch Computing Service from Amazon Web Services
09/29/2017 2017 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
09/21/2017 September 26: Dedication of the Andrew and Peggy Cherng Department of Medical Engineering
08/24/2017 Metro Bike Share is at Caltech
08/24/2017 Ride Pasadena Transit for Free
08/18/2017 Mail Services Offers Commemorative Seal of Solar Eclipse
08/03/2017 Security Bulletin: Phone Scams
07/06/2017 Don't let ransomware disrupt or destroy your work
06/29/2017 2016 Report on Institute Sustainability Released
06/21/2017 Metro Bike Share is coming to Caltech
06/15/2017 Break Through campaign update
06/08/2017 Totem 2017 has arrived!
05/04/2017 New Service from IMSS: Mail Protection Gateway
05/04/2017 Caltech Annual Bike to Work Day 2017
03/31/2017 Totem Submissions Due April 7
03/29/2017 Undergraduate Research Week April 3-7
03/23/2017 Supervisors Encouraged to Lead Violence Prevention Exercises
03/10/2017 Smoking on the Caltech Campus
02/06/2017 400 Year Old Engelmann Oak Tree Notification
01/19/2017 Photography: Red Door Cafe
12/05/2016 Flu Shots Available While Supplies Last
11/21/2016 Beckman Museum Open First Friday of Each Month
11/01/2016 Annual Asbestos Notification
10/06/2016 Hiring Undergraduate Work-Study Students
09/30/2016 Campus Political Activities Policy
09/26/2016 Academic Year Welcome from the President
09/23/2016 Dr. Jennifer Howes Named Director of Health and Counseling Services
09/23/2016 Kevin Gilmartin Appointed as Dean of Undergraduate Students
08/17/2016 Facilities Service Request Process Changes August 29
06/23/2016 Flex Alerts? What Are They and How Can I Help?
04/29/2016 Bechtel Residence Campus Meetings
04/29/2016 Techstock 2.0 Coming May 28th!
04/19/2016 Important Changes to the Unix Interactive Cluster
04/05/2016 Don't let ransomware disrupt or destroy your work
03/22/2016 Amazon Web Services event on April 13th
02/03/2016 Parking Lot #7 Closed until May 31
01/27/2016 Reminder: Update Personal and Emergency Details in Access
01/27/2016 February 1: Credit Cards Accepted for Dining and Store Purchases
01/13/2016 It was a dark and stormy night...
12/23/2015 Are You Ready to Weather the Storms?
12/14/2015 Totem Contest
12/03/2015 Caltech Spirit Photo Contest
10/27/2015 Mandatory Transportation Survey
10/05/2015 Call for Nominations: Richard P. Feynman Prize for Excellence in Teaching
09/21/2015 IMSS Offer High Performance Cloud Computing Service
06/02/2015 OneDrive for Business & Office Online are now available
01/22/2015 Order Adobe CS6 Software by February 23rd
12/12/2014 Facilities Special Release Days Notices
11/13/2014 Statement in Response to Litigation
11/11/2014 Box Online Storage
08/04/2014 Nominate your favorite professor for the Feynman Teaching Prize!
06/16/2014 MAGMA now available for download from
04/30/2014 Office 365 is coming to Caltech
04/21/2014 Order Adobe CS6 licenses by May 16
04/14/2014 Caltech Earth Week Events
04/08/2014 Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta: The Epicenter of California's Water Challenge
04/08/2014 California's Drought: why, when and how long?
04/03/2014 Caltech Earth Week Speaker Series: The Epicenter of California's Water Challenge
01/21/2014 Navigating Motherhood and Your Career
01/10/2014 Los Angeles Early Aviation Lecture
10/24/2013 National Instruments LabVIEW site license
08/07/2013 Nominate your favorite professor for the Feynman Teaching Prize!
06/25/2013 Faster Campus Wireless Network
05/23/2013 Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited - More Compatible & Secure
04/12/2013 Free Public Discussion with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
04/12/2013 The Inside Story of Climate Science: Thin Ice - Film Screening and Panel Discussion
04/12/2013 2013 Earth Week: April 22 - April 26
04/09/2013 Caltech Help - New Request Tracking System
02/20/2013 Water Shortage Alert - February 21 through February 28
02/12/2013 IMSS Help Desk is Moving!
01/17/2013 Serious Java 1.7.x Vulnerability
01/15/2013 LabArchives Site License
01/09/2013 Caltech Reading Women
11/06/2012 Kick-Off of the Hameetman Center Renovation on Wednesday, November 14, 2012
10/16/2012 Moon Festival Celebration
10/12/2012 Celebrate the Opening of the Earle M. Jorgensen Laboratory
10/01/2012 Art Center PAGES Exhibit to Include Caltech Treasures
09/27/2012 Promotional Fairs for Graphic Resources, Mail Services, Rideshare and Commuter Services, on October 5"
09/07/2012 This Month's Special at Graphic Resources: Passport Photos
09/03/2012 Nominations for the Richard P. Feynman Prize
08/28/2012 September Vanpool Promotions don't miss out
08/14/2012 Dialup Services Retiring on 9/5/12
08/07/2012 Carmageddon II coming Soon
07/19/2012 FileSender Service Now Available
07/19/2012 access.caltech Improvements coming July 27
06/28/2012 Matlab Toolbox Usage Survey
06/27/2012 Don't Be Fooled By Messages Asking For Your Caltech Username And Password
06/26/2012 Copies of Totem Available
06/13/2012 Maple License Server Retiring
05/22/2012 Caltech Student Investment Fund
05/17/2012 Reduced Pricing for IMSS HPC Service
04/30/2012 Caltech Bike to Work Day on May 17
04/30/2012 Open Seats in Glendora II Vanpool—Try It Out Three Days for Free
04/25/2012 Matlab Servers to be Campus Restricted
04/11/2012 Caltech Security officers apprehend career bike thief
03/22/2012 New Campus Resource:
01/09/2012 Open Seat on Caltech Diamond Bar Vanpool
01/04/2012 IMSS High Performance Computing Service
12/05/2011 2012 GPS Calendar
11/29/2011 Electric Charging Stations installed at Caltech
11/14/2011 2012 GPS Calendar
11/03/2011 Public Workshop on Improving Service of Metro Line 177
10/18/2011 Caltech Annual Transportation Survey 2011
10/06/2011 Caltech Ranked #2 for Roof Top Solar

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